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You berate me, casting your net of insults in my direction, when I'm here to help you.
"I'm sorry your package hasn't arrived. We'll re-ship it as quickly as possible," is never good enough.
I'm poorly paid to absorb your vitriolic curses when your purchased baubles fail to appear on your doorstep in a timely fashion.
You call me a liar, and threaten me with poor ratings that won't really affect me at all, personally.
What you fail to see is that I have an undisclosed psychological condition, and thanks to your customer profile, I know where you live.

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    shaun over 3 years ago

    Oh bloody hell! Did not expect that last line. What it did do is take the anticipation of a climax and just thrust it in the face of the reader who believed they were prepared. Superbly done, Jason.

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