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You berate me, casting your net of insults in my direction, when I'm here to help you.
"I'm sorry your package hasn't arrived. We'll re-ship it as quickly as possible," is never good enough.
I'm poorly paid to absorb your vitriolic curses when your purchased baubles fail to appear on your doorstep in a timely fashion.
You call me a liar, and threaten me with poor ratings that won't really affect me at all, personally.
What you fail to see is that I have an undisclosed psychological condition, and thanks to your customer profile, I know where you live.

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    Drew Martyn almost 3 years ago

    Excellent drabble. I often feel sorry for those poor buggers who have to work over the holidays, usually for crap pay, AND face those sad shoppers who (pathetically, imho) can't cope with their stress without taking it out on others.
    I love the twist at the end of the drabble, too, that's something I'd not really thought of. Perhaps retail workers should wear tops saying "Keep calm because I know your customer profile"...?

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    shaun 7 months ago

    Oh bloody hell! Did not expect that last line. What it did do is take the anticipation of a climax and just thrust it in the face of the reader who believed they were prepared. Superbly done, Jason.

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