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Furniture moves across the room, propelled by an angry, unseen force.
Curtains billow in a nonexistent breeze.
Cries of despair echo from the attic above; chains rattle and a door slams.
In the basement, hungry howls call to the world above, as something claws at the door, desperate to escape.
Maniacal laughter flits from room to room, followed by the heavy footfalls of some damned thing.
Suddenly, all falls silent.
The front door opens, and a real estate agent enters, followed by a young couple.
"It needs a little love, but I think you'll be thrilled by the asking price."

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    Michael D. Brooks about 7 years ago

    Maybe a little love is all that's required. Then again. . .

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    Alex Munro about 7 years ago

    Love it. I suspect the deeds will be signed in blood, even if the terms are agreeable.

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