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Crimson pearls fell to the ground as she clutched at her throat; the only sound, an incessant gurgle.
Her knees buckled, and she collapsed.
The coppery scent of her blood filled the air, as the meticulous hands of her dark assailant went to work; his breathing was harried, and manic.
With silent satisfaction, he stood back, and observed the macabre spectacle that he'd created.
The hoofbeats which signaled the approach of his cab, sounded slow, and hesitant; his driver did not approve.
Calmly, he straightened his cape, and hat, for there was more work to be done on this night.

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    Frenchie almost 9 years ago


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    Peter Muscutt almost 9 years ago

    You're a naughty one, saucy Jack!

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