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“At last!” Matilda cried from the high castle tower. “My knight in shining armour has come to rescue me.”

Gallant Sir Silverton galloped over the drawbridge, bested the castellan’s finest guardsmen and rescued fair Matilda from a fate worse than death.

Off they rode into the sunset, Matilda’s arms around her brave rescuer, the setting sun glinting on his gleaming silver armour.

One year later, tired of the never-ending polishing, Matilda returned to the castle and locked herself in the tower, tossing the words, “Please let a man in the drabbest of garments come rescue me,” out the window.

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    Kate over 9 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH omw that is the funniest thing I've heard all day! Well done! 100 stars for you! #UmadeMyDay

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    Very nicely done, Julie. :-D

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    Karen Wong over 9 years ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if Matilda started a trend.

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    Julie over 9 years ago

    @ Karen Wong : Perhaps that's why knights in shining armour disappeared ;)

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