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A burnt tarnished light cascaded, spilling an orange blight over land and sea.

Two foxes met at a fork in the road; eyes burnished amber - mischief to manage.

Idle paws plotted; meddlesome minds planned, a robbery most inspired.

One fox ran ahead, the other, hidden by gorse.

The hunter spied the first fox laying limp. Keen for meat; rudely tossed the carcass into his backpack.

Firstly a brace of rabbits, then pigeon, flung out behind. The fox that followed, gathering greedily.

Skulking scheme complete: they ran.

But one fox betrayed the other into death.

Still - he ate his fill: momentarily.

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    D.M. almost 8 years ago

    'Like the alliteration of 'the fox that followed, gathering greedily.'

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