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The best way to describe my problem is by showing you.
The moon comes up, and the pain engulfs my body, reddening my eyes. My teeth grow much longer. My nose becomes a black snout. My legs become stretched and bony, but strong and nimble. My finger and toenails form into full on claws, sharp as knives, hard as diamond. My fear becomes at its highest peak as the black and silver fur forms all over my body. I finally let out my kept in agony as a howl, but really it is a scream for help. Help me. Please.

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    Jeff Taylor about 7 years ago

    Like it Isaac. I find the current crop of movie/TV vampires and werewolves infuriatingly namby-pamby wusses. Where's the horror of the person trapped inside the wolf, and it's need to kill it's closest and dearest? Where's the terror of a vampire standing over you, and there's nowhere to run? So, good drabble Isaac. :D

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    Isaac Grant about 7 years ago

    thank you sooo much. I agree!

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