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Garrett - Occult Bounty Hunter #8


The cottage was surrounded by infernal nasties. Tentacles started to smash through windows and the barricaded door wouldn’t hold much longer.

Garrett had doused the entire place in gasoline and was now pushing Rollins’ fat ass up the chimney. There were enough loose bricks inside the vertical channel to climb up and out onto the roof.

Rollins was just to the top when the creatures crashed through the door and windows. Igniting the room with a blast from his shotgun, Garrett followed Rollins up to the roof while the cottage interior transformed into an inferno that engulfed the nightmarish monsters!

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    It's funny that you mention the whole director thing, Chloe. As I'm sure many do, I often see my drabbles in cinematic terms. This series in no exception. I love that you're rooting for Rollins too! :-D

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