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Adira had often watched others on television. Girls her own age in skimpy tops, jogging bottoms and trainers. She knew there would come a time soon when she would get to remove her abaya and dress the same way. A time when she could play out in the street with her brothers and not have to worry about being a girl.
She'd counted thirty five-bodies crammed on the boat. How many could swim? One of her uncle's friends had said he could. But what of the others? Adira decided she'd learn to swim once they reached the other side.

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    Neville Hunt about 6 years ago

    Oh! This is a drabble that lures you gently into it and then savages you with a tragic realisation of its unwritten outcome. Really good, Phil, and hugely topical. Terrific drabble.

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    Phil about 6 years ago

    Thanks for reading and commenting. It's much appreciated.

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