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A bittersweet moment going back to my parents’ home. I remembered most of the people who had attended daddy’s funeral. I had been away for a couple of years, but always in touch with daddy.

Lying on my old bed, I remembered how daddy used to tickle my feet to get me up for school.

I woke up at dawn, daddy tickling my feet felt so real.

The next night, I woke up again. Daddy was tickling my feet. I giggled and squirmed like I used to. “Stop it daddy!”

The voice was ugly, dark, distorted. “I’m not your daddy.”

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Terrific, and scary. Made my flesh creep, therefore I love it :)

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    Peter Henderson about 3 years ago

    Oh Oo...that's a really good last line twist Mona

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    Aishling about 2 years ago

    Good ending

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    Jamie Clapperton about 2 years ago

    Flippin 'eck this is creepy.. 😔

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