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Structually sound but worn and filthy.
'Strip it'
Ripping out years of dust, discovering the odd coin from a bygone age.
Hidden in the springs - an envelope,
'The Prince of Wales sat here!'
So it begins:-
The springs laced together, bridle loops over hessian.
Fresh, clean, horse-hair, padding and wadding softening the lines.
We stretch, we tack and chat,
We web and stuff and chat
We button up and chat and talk and talk and chat,
Piping round the arms,
Fringing round the bottom and braid to camouflage the tacks.

And the chat goes on at our
Upholstery Workshop.

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    My upholstery workshop has been idle for a while. I have the chairs and stools to upholster, but my mojo, having been mislaid (temporarily I hope), is needed before I can find the energy. Got loads of spare springs. Need any?... because my wife has threatened a trip to the tip for them.☹️

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    Marion E Ball over 1 year ago

    I have re-upholstered practically everything I can and have now run out of floor space. I am now confined to smaller items that I can manhandle or should I say womanhandle!!!!!!! Very rewarding hobby though. Hope the mojo kicks in soon!

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