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All was still.

The crow dare not signal disaster or turmoil; instead, it stared ahead at the kerosene-like glow of a lone lamplight.

Such a fine lamp could belong only to the Daughter of the Night, what with its peacefully ominous uneven flicker and jagged tongues.

It resembled everything, and it resembled nothing. To describe a night like this as unholy was a most dangerous folly; for Daughter was truly Mother of all pain and horror which occurred during the long hours of night.

Screams, gorgeous screams- Daughter held them all until the morn, where men were bestowed indignation.

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    Horrorshow about 8 years ago

    A very welcome return to after a two month absence. I always enjoy reading your work, Emily.

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    Emily almost 8 years ago

    @Horrorshow Thank you~. ^^ I try to post when I can~.

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