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The Monster Behind The Door #16


My parents decided to give an early Christmas party to welcome their first grand-child.
Everyone was commenting how our baby looked like him. No, the baby looked like me but why disturbing their happiness by mentioning it?
He was his usual charming self, all smiles and concern for all the guests. I couldn't fault his acting but I hated him for it. Despised him.
Despised myself even more.
The morning scene crept into my mind again.
-A effing bitch. You couldn't even produce a boy. You fat, stupid cow.

I could teach him a thing or two in biology.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    I’m afraid he’s unlikely to learn any more biology.... unless maybe you cut off his nuts... and that’ll teach him for sure! And you won’t need the pills any more...

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