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The Monster Behind The Door #8


The blows started and the buckle of his belt cut deep into my skin. His shoe connected with my head until I lost consciousness...
I woke up in hospital with two broken ribs and I could barely see from one eye.
The police was asking him questions and I thought, that's it, they'll caution him but to my horror, he was spinning a tale how thugs has set upon us when we arrived home.
They'd hit him first and he'd lie hopeless while they beat me up and took my bag. He had a huge purple bruise on his cheek.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Whilst this is an absolutely shocking story, I love the drabble title Frenchie.

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    Frenchie over 2 years ago

    Hehehe, thanks Neville. The title reperesent a typical true narcissist behaviour.

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