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The Three Graces #4


Let's go home, said Euphrosyne. Dad is giving one of his crazy orgies to celebrate New Year.

-Hmmm...not with Hera there, answered Aglaia.

-Duh, that old hag, Thalia sighed irritably.

Twelve hours later:

-Daddy, Happy New Year!

-My baby girls, Happy New Year. Have a drink. The God's nectar is sublime.

-Daddy, where is Hera?

-Sulking somewhere...

Zeus took out three masks.

-Wear these, girls, she won't recognise you. Enjoy yourselves, the satyrs are horny as usual, winked Zeus.

At midnight, Zeus' Thunderbolt lit the entire Mount Olympus but the Three Graces were too inebriated and busy to even notice.

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