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''Baa, baa, Mama, why we go this way? there are wolves...'' Little Lamb bleated.
"We're going this way,'' Mama Ewe answered,''because everyone is going this way. Following is what sheep do.''
''Where is Shepherd, Mama?''
''Shush, don't ask so many questions. Just follow.''
Little Lamb stopped.''M'not going. Am scared.'' Mama Ewe tried to nudge him forward, to no avail.
The front of the flock carried on, mindless.
A few stragglers stayed behind with him.
In the morning, Shepherd found them, trembling and scared.
In the forest, the remnants of a bloody feast were uncovered. Of the wolves, not a trace.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Baavo little lamb! Clearly, Mama couldn’t pull the wool over your eyes!

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    Frenchie over 2 years ago

    Ahaha, I do love your play with words... Thank you...

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