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She looked so delicate, all dressed in white, surrounded by a glistening frost. Beautiful in her sleep, perhaps a little pale due to the morning cold. He spread a few apple blossoms in her golden hair . She loved apple blossoms. As he did that, he felt love rise in his chest. His bride. He still wondered that she could love him. Him, the pariah, the one people pointed the finger at. But she was his now and no one would steal her from him. Never! He kissed her cold lips and closed the lid of the deep freezer chest.

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    Chris Walker about 9 years ago

    I love a sad ending ;-)

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    Frenchie about 9 years ago

    LOL, I have a new one you may like, but I have to polish it first. A love story with a sad ending. I'll post it later. I nearly cried too !

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