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There is an Alaskan legend of an albatross that used to rule the skies but was turned into gold by a drunken god. I learnt of its rumoured location one night round a campfire as a rowdy Alaskan, with his trusty plectrum, produced the haunting sounds of “Agadoo”. With horrific gambling debts I needed the money so I hopped in an abandoned bidarkee and arrived at an island. There it was…just out of reach. I removed my shoes laces, fashioned a lasso using an aglet as a stabiliser and hooked that baby. That should keep the mobsters off my back.

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    Kate Gowers over 7 years ago

    Play the game! I set Mel the challenge of writing on the subject of Albatross, using the words Plectrum, bidarkee and aglet. Have a go - let me know if you want to play.

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    Stuart Lugg over 7 years ago

    I will play (and already have) - Challenged Masculinity is the result! I shall see if anyone else spots the three words!

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