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What everyone said couldn't be true, right?
He uttered his chant and went to work.
There had to be some way to accomplish it.
He could feel the power of life flowing. It was working.
"You can't create life." Well, they were wrong.
Now the power was different. Dark. His control over it was slipping. Fading. And he was going with it. He tried to reverse it, but no good.
Everyone was right. It couldn't be done. There had to be some way back.
But what was done could not be undone. Instead of creating life, he destroyed his own.

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    Samantha Grace Bishop over 4 years ago

    Nice one Dustin. Ps I think you need to fix the second to last sentence

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    Dustin Cox over 4 years ago

    fixed it. thanks. i didn't notice that before i posted it.

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