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'How dare you!' I bellowed, rage blazing in my heart as I glared at Ted.

'It was a mistake!' he roared back at me.

'A mistake? Liar! You wanted to cause me unendurable agony!'

'Alright! I did! But you know why?'


'Because I'm on the right side! You are following the wrong religion! You're the deluded one!'

'Monster!' I screamed. 'I hate you!'

Ted shook his head before slamming out the door.

I fumed.

I raged.

And on the coffee table, a Darth Vader bobblehead nodded, satisfied that his evil Trekkie-destroying plans had come to fruition at last.

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    Jamie Clapperton 3 months ago

    No Joke. The Wars/Trek thing is serious! ;-)))))

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    Andrew Pettigrew 3 months ago

    No kidding! My dad's a Trekkie while I'm a die-hard Wookiee! Many are the lightsabre duels in this household :)

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    I liked Star Wars when I was a kid but when I got to my teens I switched to Trek. But I don't hate Wars now. I never understood why it has to be either or.

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    Andrew Pettigrew 3 months ago

    Haha yeah, it's a strange case. I have a theory that it all started a long time ago in a pub far, far away where a drunk SW fan said, 'Star Wars is way better!' and a Trekkie replied, 'George Lucas stole all his ideas from us!'. And then they whipped out their blasters and phasers and the generation-spanning war began.

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    Quite logical.

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