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The Heroine #1


Hi, its me, Sarah.

I’m going to have spare time as we cross the Atlantic, so I decided to write this.

I was born in 1839 in a cottage at the bottom of Common Muck Hill, Ely.

It was before the days of sewers and the ‘muck’ (sewage) used to roll down the hill, and into the Cam.

You’ll have difficulty finding reference to it anywhere, because it’s name has been well erased. It’s now called ‘Willow Walk’.

The ditch carrying the muck ran right behind our house, and with it came bluebottles, carrying diseases.

It stank!

It was home.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Excellent! In fact if you do a Google search, or was it a map search, of Common Muck Hill you get to Willow Walk. I’ve always reckoned I was common as muck at heart!

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    Richard Hunt 7 months ago

    Yes, it took me some time to find it ... but I there clear as day in the 1841 Census and there you will also find Sarah. The guy who did the Census had to go back a second time (see Ancestry, 1841 Census). Possibly because it was late in the day and the stink was too bad!

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    I smell a fascinating series approaching...

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    I hope so🤞

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