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The Cathedral Choir


WE were a musical family, singing round the piano most nights. Norwich Cathedral is an impressive place, the choir is prestigious.

August 1949, aged 8, I am in the song school for a voice test to join the choir. Eleven other hopefuls and I are ranged round the piano Just two would be chosen.

One boy sang ‘Away in a manger’, another ‘There is a green hill’ - and so on.

I didn’t know any hymns or carols, so I volunteered ‘Vilia’ from ‘The Merry Widow’.

“You’ll never make it.” They all said afterwards.

But I did! I joined the Choir!

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Vilia? oh, Vilia! You must have been bewitched! I remember those round the piano sing-songs... and how at Christmas they became more like pling-plongs after the parsnip wine!

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    I particularly remember a particularly fine composition of yours for piano strings, not keys, sat on the floor (post parsnip), accompanied by Beech Nut Gum. It was Étude in A (chewed). Little wonder such a child prodigy had got into the cathedral choir!

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    Richard Hunt 7 months ago

    Yes, I wrote another study, ‘Study in A flat minor’, but it rather fell on it’s face when there was a serious incident at a coal mine near Doncaster.

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