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Dollar For Your Thoughts #1


"May I help you?"
"I'd like to buy a complaint."
"That will be 5 dollars."
"5 dollars!? Outrageous! Yesterday it was three!"
"Sorry sir, the price went up. Complaints are popular now that people are upset with the way things are. I hope you understand."
"Fine! Here's your $5."
"Thanks for your business. Here's your complaint receipt."

The grievance auditorium was busy, and Dan didn't want to wait, so he decided to come early tomorrow. Tomorrow came; Dan was first in line. He put his ticket in the machine.
Machine: "You have 5 minutes."
"5 minutes!? Yesterday, it was 10!"

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    Christopher about 5 years ago

    Great Monty Python-esque drabble.

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    DevilDeviant about 5 years ago

    Thanks! A bit of a satire on how corps keep downsizing things. The "fun size" revisions to our favorite foods -> charging more for less was partially an inspiration for this as well as Google/YouTube demonetizing creator content and tightening up their search engine algorithms.

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