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Four horsemen rode forth heralding the end of time. Pestilence, War, Famine and Death were their names They thought themselves fine fellows.

For a day they raged across the whole face of the earth, slaughtering millions and bringing untold suffering. Then they rested for the night in a woodland glade. In the morning when they woke from their well-earned rest they found that the horses had all died in the night.

What were they supposed to do now? Would they become the four pedestrians of the apocalypse? For one thing, they would never let Death feed the horses again.

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    Frenchie almost 2 years ago

    Brilliant. I have enjoyed that. Thank you!!!

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    VerityAlways almost 2 years ago

    Good one, Derek! I like the composition and the characters.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Hay-ho... nice one!

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