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“Incredible!” Morland stared at the Chronoviewer’s screen. They were looking back in time to last Monday, and he could see himself and Bernelli at work in the lab. “It actually works.”

After the second bottle of champagne, Bernelli had a realisation. “If we reverse the trajectory of the emissions, we could look into the future.”

“No,” replied Morland. “You’d see nothing, since it hasn’t happened yet.”

“Ah, true.” But she tried anyway.

“What...?” Her voice was strained. Morland turned to the screen to see himself and Bernelli waving back.

“Guess we’re not the special ones,” he remarked, opening another bottle.

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    Neville Hunt over 8 years ago

    Fascinating drabble...I'm sure I'll work it out soon, but after 3 bottles of champagne they'll probably be able to see anything they like.

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    Melanie over 8 years ago

    "But she tried anyway." There's always someone who will try anyway. Great story!

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    Chris Walker over 8 years ago

    Thanks everyone - this was one I really enjoyed writing :-)

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