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The next swing of his pickaxe uncovered the shimmering light of a 1-nugget. Even after years working in the Probability Mines, the rarity of this find staggered Yuri. Most minerals were low grade, 0.2-nuggets at best, and could only affect the chances of trivial outcomes.

He could hand it in and get a bonus - but the cost of medicine for their sick daughter was crippling; the money wouldn’t go far. Or...he could steal it. Use it to cure Natalya, before they locked him away.

Yuri pocketed the gleaming rock. Everything would be alright - he was certain of it.

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    As always Chris, intriguing stuff; an excellent drabble.

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    K.Z. Morano over 8 years ago

    well i admire his courage. great drabble chris :)

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    Chris Walker over 8 years ago

    Thanks both :)

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    Excellent, Chris!

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