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Fair Folk Drabbles #1


Darkness around her, noises indistinctive from one another. Roars in her ears; were they even real? Cassia had no way to know. Scents filled her nose but she couldn’t tell if they were Faerie or mundane. She tried to close her eyes, only to find them already closed. When had that happened? She forced them open, and everything dimmed and sharpened at the same time. Sounds became clear, music and yelling, another band on stage. The smell of Jack and Mary Jane permanently imbedded into furniture backstage, her girls around her. Everything was fine in the span of a blink.

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    frostygossamer about 5 years ago

    I like the use of smell and hearing in this one. Very vivid. :)

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    Drew Martyn about 5 years ago

    Brilliant, to have got so much potency into the span of a blink. Nice one, I'm looking forward to reading more :)

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