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The elder gods look at us the way we look at cockroaches. Just as we irrationally jump onto the furniture to escape the small and unthreatening creatures, so to the elder gods hop on their infernal equivalents of furniture, twisting through unseen dimensions of insanity. Just as we run around with our arms flailing, so to the elder gods flap their massive tentacles through the deep, causing global floods and earthquakes in their mind shattering screams and abject panic. Just as the elder gods relentlessly hinder and destroy us with unspeakable horrors, so we do with our exterminators and gasses.

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    VerityAlways over 2 years ago

    Hi Case Ker,
    Welcome, to Drablr.
    Unsure if this is your second account, a couple of months ago probably read your first drabble "The Experience"

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