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"I'll take Freakshow for 500, Alyx."

Twee-too, twee-too -- "It's... the Daily Double!"

"OH NOOOOO!" he screamed as the blue curtain parted and the drooling conjoined twins lumbered out and started charging toward the contestant, bearing machetes in four thick fists.

He desperately clutched his clicker. "Uh... What is..."

They slit his throat.

Four times.

"Correct!" Alyx said, as the twins grabbed the clicker and took the contestant's place.

Alyx nodded at them. "Go again."

They drooled and said in sync: "Freakshow for 1000."

Alyx pulled down his hood. Glared.

"Who is the Grim Reaper?"

Alyx turned aside. "Judges?"

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    D.M. almost 8 years ago


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    Sean Reilly over 4 years ago

    By golly! So they sure are in jeopardy!

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