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I slowly wake up, stretching one paw at a time. I lick my left paw, contemplating walking towards the kitchen. I lay back down. An hour later the neighbor’s dog barks. Yay! My friend is awake, “Mwuah ha ha”. I stand on all four paws and bolt to the basement cat door. Prancing, I come am across from the dog. Hiding behind a bush, I plot my prank. I plop right in front of the dog. Barking, he tries to chase after me and his leash breaks. I run back into my cat door. Successfully, the neighbor dog is lost!

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    Jamie Clapperton over 2 years ago

    Oh. Dark ending . Not the cats' fault of course because cats will be cats. Hope the dog gets an adventure not a tragedy. Thanks for the stimulation! ;-)

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    Aishling over 1 year ago

    Cool, I liked it!

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