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Dirt's brother Gladys accidentally fell into a small stream. While Dirt's family rushed to save Gladys from his wanton stupidity, Dirt quietly snuck away, into a nearby grove.

It was a beautiful little grove, with solemn oak trees forming a ring around vibrant flowers and freshly cut grass.

Dirt joyfully ran into the clearing, glad to be free of responsible parenting for a while. She sat and began picking the white flowers from a little cluster of tulips. After a short time, Dirt stood up with her newfound treasures, intent on returning to her parents.

Then, she noticed the hole.

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    Rodindeadpan almost 7 years ago

    Good story I'll wait as patiently as I possibly can for the next installment of Dirt

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    Rodindeadpan almost 7 years ago

    No part 5 yet...dang.

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