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It was the seventh Terran incarnation. The Earth, having existed six times before, destroyed itself each time. Darielle, empress of the Theikeld, was stubborn.
“How many times will you have us repeat this experiment?” asked Yarel, her right-hand man.
“As many times as it takes to prove my model correct.”
“Your creatures don’t work.”
“As The Creator made us, so must we create, and so must that which we make create, and so on.”
The Earth revolved. The experiment ran. A final conflict loomed, but then...
Peace. They survived, longer than ever. And eventually...
Humans begat their successors.

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    shaun about 3 years ago

    Bloody hell! I'd often thought of the whole cycle of mans history, and self-destruction. But what if...
    Why did my thoughts never get beyond our 'inevitable' repeated demise?
    Good Drabble

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