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The morning starts well, Mathilda the cat starts her new job today and her room-mate Beanne, the mouse, is making a big breakfast. Sans the fish...
"Mathilda! Good morning! I know you are ready for your new job at Club Zer0
today!" Beanne squeaks tenderly.
"I am! Thanks for Breakfast Miss Mousy!" Mathilda chimes.
Suddenly there's knocking at the door and Mathilda leaps to go get it.
Opening the door she comes face to face with another mouse.
"Hello! Can I help you?"
The look on the other mouse' face was that of a tragedy and utter horror abound!

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    A. Jones over 5 years ago

    A new series by ME! the characters are anthro so they aren't purely animal!
    Stay tuned!

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 5 years ago

    Great stuff as always!

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