"The Therapist Will See You Now" drabbles by shaun

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Soft, Strong And Very, Very Long

The Therapist Will See You Now #3

Gareth always uses a length of toilet paper to rescue the odd spider from his imposing cast iron bath.

Depending on its degree of fatigue, (God knows how long the hapless creature had been trying to scale the smooth cliff face towering above) the spider would invariably wait before climbing up and out to freedom, even though now certain of its foothold.

It is with a similar sense of renewed confidence that Gareth now pauses before making his own escape from what hitherto had seemed a hopeless situation.

Immersing oneself in that final moment of captivity gives freedom greater currency.

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Anatomy Of An Assisted Suicide

The Therapist Will See You Now #2


When I’m tryin’ to find a voice
‘Cause the choices I made
Left deranged remnants
Lying in my head

In my bed
Gotta get some sleep
But her weeping claws
And the weeping sores
Of a cut made

Not afraid of the end
‘Cause the thought that it ends is a light
Shouldn’t wish it, right?

Well that’s just shite
‘Cause every night I watch
As she spirals down
And I drown in the sound of her pain


Coz there's little of virtue in her veins,
So don’t blame me for what I

Am unable

To do.

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Dipping a toe in the water.

The Therapist Will See You Now #1

It was the very thought of seeing her again that had caused the latest in a run of crises. He, of course, hadn't made the connection. That had been another. One whose wisdom and peace he often ignored and took for ignorance respectively. Only after this other had explained the obvious to him did he feel strong enough to inhabit thoughts of her.

Their last meeting had been as battle-weary acquaintances, her smile worn as a wound. The only blood tie between them being that of hers, spattered across walls and the creased, perpetually reeking shirt the man wore.