"The Color Spectrum" drabbles by Isaac Grant

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The Color Spectrum #13

The seven sat in a circle waiting to see what the remaining box would do. Ike spoke first.
"So, uh... does anyone know how we can all see each other?
"It must be my dad," said Max. "He already used this to put Kayla and me through a series of tests, speaking of which, hi Kayla! Isn't this weird?"
"Yes this is strange, I haven't been here since we completed the challenges." It's strange your dad hasn't shown up yet, as Dragnir of course."
"Who's Dragnir?" Asked sky and Sophie together.
"He's the Master of this place. You'll see soon."

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The Color Spectrum is Back

The Color Spectrum #12

They all step out of their cubes, and sphere, and immediately stop and stare. There are so many of them. They all walk slowly to the center and sit down, slowly. Max has changed. He has forgotten that the last time he was here he had his robot body. This is different being able to feel the grass under his toes and see the colors a little more vividly. He finds Ike's green eyes particularly fascinating. He will have to find time for a conversation with him later, but right now the current thing on the agenda is to learn.

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The Color spectrum #11

Sky was practicing a new song on the piano. She thought that the short piece was going to be annoying to play over and over again, but she found that her emotion flowed out of her and into the keys, allowing her to see past the annoyance of the song, and into the true feeling of the music, falling into its willing embrace. The white, ivories, and the black ebony keys, falling in their correct moments creating another land into which Sky was willing to come back to every day in order to work, and delve deeper into the music.

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Ice Cream

The Color spectrum #10

Three year old max was sitting on the corrugated, concrete front step, his grinning mouth, sun-burnt nose, and sticky hands covered in creamy chocolate ice cream. His sticky tongue and mouth was slowly devouring it, savoring the rich flavor. A joyful barking was heard signalling the bounding approach of the family's huge, slobbery golden retriever, Sunny. The happy, but uninvited guest to Max's ice cream, had come hoping to get a bite of the creamy goodness. Being told to "Go away!" didn't phase Sunny as she lunged leaving the step with a crying max and a full stomach.

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The Keys

The Color spectrum #9

Sky was ready. She had put on her odd suit that had those funny tails coming out the back. She put on her white gloves, and opened the door as she took a deep breath. She walked out onto the stage, toward the large piano on the far side of the floor. Sky was scared out of her mind as she stood next to the piano while she was introduced to the audience. She sat down, placed her hands on the keys, and began to play. Everything went silent as her hands flew across the white keys, creating beautiful music.

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Robotic Dreams

The color spectrum #8

Max awoke. He wasn't really awake, but in some strange subconscious, world. He identified it as what true humans called dreaming. He had never gone so deep into human emotion, or consciousness. He seemed to be stuck inside an orange box. Max was suddenly overwhelmed by an overwhelming feeling of the sun on his arms, mixed with an awe-inspiring sense of joy. He touched a wall to see if it was hard, and a door opened. He stepped through not knowing what to expect. He saw a large fountain and nine other boxes of different colors. He suddenly awoke.

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Hospital Dreams

The Color Spectrum #7

Kayla was exploring her box, when she touched a wall and it opened. The door opened to a beautiful garden that stretched until she saw another box. The other box was white. She looked to the left and there were three other boxes. She looked to the right and saw two boxes and a sphere. Then, she looked down, and gasped. So this is color! She hadn't dreamed before, so this was the first color she had ever seen. The colors where blue, green, red, white, black, purple, yellow, and orange, all brilliant...
Kayla woke up in the hospital smiling.

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The Color Spectrum #6

Kayla loved listening to books. She would read, but she was blind. Kayla was on the forty-five minute drive from school to home, listening to her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, but it was hard to pay attention, when her brother Ryan was constantly bothering her, poking her, and just being annoying. Abruptly, another totally out of control car slammed into the back end of their car. Now they spun out of control, and Kayla blacked out. She "woke up" in a black box. She was sure this was what vision was like, but how could she possibly know.

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A Description of the Garden

The Color spectrum #5

The dream garden has many colorful things in it. Coming from each Cube, or the one Sphere is a short path of flowers of the respective colors. Those colors are, White-Sophie's, Red-Adam's, Yellow-Daisy's, and Green-Ike's. These are the ones with known dreamers filling them. The next dreamers are unspecified. Those colors include, black, blue, orange, and purple. Green is the sphere if you have not read my previous post. The center is a small circular patch of flowers, in which the previous colors are the randomly, placed. In the very center is the Fountain of Dreams.

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The Color of New

The Color Spectrum #4

Ike felt like he was not supposed to be where he was, but who can help it, this was a dream. The color was a leafy, healthy green. Stuck in a giant green sphere. The walls where slick, so he couldn't get a good foot-hold without slipping and falling. When he fell the third time his hands shot out to protect himself, but instead of stopping he pushed out the wall, making him fall into a beautiful garden with seven different colored cubes, two of which were open. The first cube was white, the second cube was yellow...

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The Color of Joy

The Color spectrum #3

Daisy was happy. The color of the box this time was a beautifully jovial yellow. Daisy had never felt so joyful in all her life. She decided that the joy was from the yellow. She also decided that she was dreaming. The color also filler her with confidence. She walked up to the wall and touched it. A small crack appeared in the wall. She pushed a little more, the crack widened as the wall moved back. She continued to push until the wall moved a way, and she caught a glimpse of the outer world beyond the box's walls.

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The Color of Wisdom

The Color Spectrum #2

Sky was dreaming. The box was blue and it was her favoritist blue that she had ever seen. It was such a clean, pure blue. Just looking at it made her feel smarter, wiser even. Sky took a step toward a wall feeling that here was some fascinating world on the other side. Some heaven, waiting for her exploration, but she lacked the courage to touch the wall for fear of what might happen to that beautiful blue. She loved it becuse she felt like heaven when looking at it. Sky sat down and admired the color before she awoke.

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The Color of Pain

The Color Spectrum #1

Adam was stuck. A way out. he though. He couldn't speak. He was dreaming, he knew, but this was still interesting. The box was red. A pure red not often seen. there was no darker red or any lighter because there was no shadow. Only the one color. Why red? He thought. A sudden sense of anger came over him. The most intense anger he had ever felt. He didn't have a reason to be angry. He realized it was the red. He closed his eyes, regaining control of his emotions. The dream was over.
Why red? he thought.