"On the Road Again 35#" drabbles by Steve McBrevity

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Sea Voyage #35

On the Road Again 35#

After a balmy night with Allegra on the upper deck zipped together, and the Bari nightmare behind us, we stirred to a warming sun over the Ionian Sea, edging gingerly through the Corinth Canal, its massive walls dwarfing our vessel on its path to Athens.
Simultaneously the shapeless forms sheltering under the adjoining lifeboat also stirred, to grunting in an unmistakable German dialect:
‘Gott in himmel!’ Ich habe einen groser Kater’.
Unknowingly we had been cohabiting all night with the hun as we steamed across the Aegean Sea to the land of the Minotaur in the steps of the Argonauts.