"Hunters" drabbles by Jeff Taylor

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Finish It!

Hunters #2

Janine backhanded the vampire across the room. Her powered endoskeleton making it feel light, and easy. She wiped the blood from her neck, and stalked over to where the creature lay.

"Jesus. You blood suckers never learn do you." She reached behind it, and grabbed it by its scruff. She flipped it over easily and, placing her foot in the small of its back, yanked a fistful of spine out of its neck. The vampire screeched, as its body went limp.

She lifted it up, bodily, and stared into its, now fearful, eyes.

"'bout time you felt some terror yourself..."

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Hunter's Bait

Hunters #1

She groaned with pain as the vampire sank its needle-sharp teeth into her neck; seeking out her carotid. Except, while she was quite human, she was also built to kill these evil creatures.

“When you’re finished?”

The monstrous creature unlocked from her, and staggered backwards, obviously confused.

“Diamond strength, Carbon nano-tube, lined arteries. And nano-tech repair bots. Not that I expect you to understand that.” She smiled, as the wound on her neck knitted itself back together. “So… Now that we’ve finished showing off our respective toys, let’s get back to business. I believe, it’s my turn…”