"Fiona" drabbles by Holly Gray

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First Love


I always watch her when she isn't looking. I don't know what it is that has me so mesmerized.

Then the light catches her dark hair, revealing a hint of auburn. That's unusual for someone so dark. Maybe they're color highlights. She is surrounded by the popular girls. They probably do each other's hair at slumber parties every weekend. I sigh, knowing I don't fit in with any of them.

As they approach, I pretend not to notice.

"Hey, Fiona!" she greets me with a smile.
"Hey, Ruby," I mumble as they pass by.

Her friends glare back at me.

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Soul Capturer


Looking into its eye I could see the future: long days filled with many different faces. People would flock to me, seeking me out, their chosen one.

Each of them would look into this same eye, and for a brief moment in time they would be free from all worry or decision. I would make it for them. I would hold up my hand and command them, before I captured their soul for all eternity.

"What do you think, miss?"

I turned and pointed the camera at the salesman. I held up my hand and ordered, "Say cheese!" He did.