"Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Kneed to know - Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #3

Fedeltà - Catch Up Mark 3 #3

Livia confronts Tony, and gives him both barrels. How dare he send his monkey to quiz her!.. none of his business! Tony is intimidated as Livia turns the recently widowed guilt screw. Nonetheless, Tony threatens... stay away from her... or else! Livia laughs, warning against recriminations on Paolo. If she discovers Paolo’s been harmed... “I’ll get you!” Tony knew she would!

Paolo must stop Sofia flashing that diamond around. They meet briefly... she’s wearing that ring! WTF! cries Paolo. Angry Sofia asks how he got it. She leaves, kneeing Paolo’s crotch as she goes. She’ll make him fess up later...

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Bewitched, bothered and be careful - Catch Up 3 #5

Fedeltà - Catch Up Mark 3 #5

While Sofia was grilling Paolo at his flat, Tony called his mobile. “I want you in the office at 9.00 tomorrow, I’m going to buy you lunch!” Paolo had a very busy next day; sex at 11.00 with Marcia and then a meeting with Livia at Noon. He lied to Tony he had a hospital appointment, for chlamydia and couldn’t see him. The chlamydia lie got him off the hook. Why was Tony so friendly now?

Capricious Sofia, having extracted most of the truth about the diamond, suddenly softened and sex was on again. Then she flew, leaving Paolo confused.

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Flushing out - Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #4

Fedeltà - Catch Up Mark 3 #4

Livia needs Paolo to meet Mary Flaherty. He will be the go-between... the fall guy if anything goes wrong. Livia summons him to her house the following day to discuss Terry’s funeral. “Don’t be late!”

In the meantime, Sofia meets Paolo again. There will be no hanky-panky, just answers! In a combination of confession by him and brilliant deduction by her, Sofia finds out how Paolo got the diamond, but not from whom.

Who else might know?


Well then why don’t I wear the ring and if anyone else sees, and knows, that will flush them out!

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Undertaking - Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #2

Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #2

Paolo worries about the Livia-Mary Flaherty situation and the possibility that she knows about him stealing the huge diamond clitoral ring given by her husband to his tart who was killed. The one Paolo gave to Sofia, whom he must tell to keep it out of sight.

But, given only 48 hours, he calls Livia first asking about Mary Flaherty. Livia tells him that Mary’s brother is an undertaker helping her with Terry’s funeral. She tells him she’s going to give Tony a piece of her mind. Then she, Mary and Paolo must meet to sort out Terry’s funeral.

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Tricky - Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #1

Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #1

Paolo’s dream has just come true. Livia has finally allowed him access to her body. Wanting to keep her sweet, he agrees to help her with Terry’s funeral. But worryingly there’s no suggestion of more intimacy.

Tony’s getting dangerously deranged. He’s heard that Flaherty’s wife and Livia have been talking and he’s paranoid. Threatening Paolo with a gun, Tony orders him to find out quickly what business goes on between Livia and Mary Flaherty. Paolo has just 48 hours.

Paolo knows Mary Flaherty to be a ball breaker, and he certainly doesn’t want to piss off Livia right now. Tricky!