"Death" drabbles by Isaac Grant

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drowning earth

Death #6

Rain fell, covering the earth in a water so deep that it made the world and it's poor inhabitants drown. The earth now consisted of sea creatures that were basically flying because of their true height. The only humans that survived were the scientists who found themselves at the bottom of a near-endless ocean in their tiny submersible. It was truly a miserable time for the scientists. They mourned the loss of all of humanity and continued with their lives, peeking in and out of the water to regain sustenance. They all knew that this was the true end.

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Shadows in the Light

Death #5

The room was white. Pure white all except for the corner. The man in black was the only one who knew what was going on. The others had died and this was the place they their hearts had chosen to come to. Most of them were suicides, tired of everything "Life" and everything related to it. The others were people who had given up, people who like simplicity, people who were just tired of everything. They all came here. Others chose the room with the table of food or with the piles of books. This, however, was Death's favorite room.

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death #4

The bitter fruits on the "Trees of Death", as the people called them, were poisonous. They found this out on their first expedition, to find a new place to live and the little colony did find a place. A place at the price of Twenty men's lives, before they figured out that all the trees in the forest bore deathly poisonous fruit. They also realized that all the fruit they planted was also tainted. The poor villagers would never be able to live here, in the tainted utopia. All would be lost, and they would never be seen ever again.

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Death #3

She was laughed at, mocked, and bullied. Then she decided it was all going to change. Mercy took off her mask for the first time in five years. It was almost like a full-head gas mask but reversed. It was meant to protect the people on the outside, not on the inside. She removed it showing off her vibrant green hair, three rows of pointed teeth, and finally, her glowing red eyes. Once seeing her, the other children prayed that her parents had given her a name that matched her character. Unfortunately for them, that was not the case.

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Death #2

The space station was whirling around the earth at amazing speeds. Unfortunately so was this meteor. They smashed into one another, the space station taking much more damage than it gave to the meteor. The Oxygen Was quickly rushing out the hole on the lower side of the station. People rushed as fast as they could to get oxygen packs but there were only so many, and some of them already knew that they were doomed. BOOM , SMASH!
More meteors hit, sending all of the astronauts flying out of the space station, some without helmets. All Hope Is Lost.

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Death #1

One of the worst ways to die. Searching and searching for air that just isn't there. Groping for that little bit of oxygen that is invisible. Empty lungs looking for those life saving particles of oxygen. Drowning or like the astronaut that is my icon, without air. Help me they scream in their mind, as there is no oxygen to yell out loud. slowly falling into an unending sleep. Death. There is usually no hope for such cases. Help me. they say over and over yet no one can hear them. That's all they want at this point.
Help me.