"Fedeltà" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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About the money?

Fedeltà #276

The call from Tony involved no preliminary niceties. Paolo tried by asking Tony how he was, but got the “Never mind that...” response. Tony then grilled Paolo on what he’d said to the police and in particular asked what he’d said about the money. Paolo reassured Tony that he’d said nothing about the money, had denied knowing how much was paid and how it was paid and declared that he, Tony had dealt with that side of things alone and that Paolo was just a bodyguard.

Tony’s “Hmmmph!” indicated that he was grudgingly OK with that.

And that was that.

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It never stopped ringing

Fedeltà #275

Paolo wasn’t surprised to get the call from Tony, who quizzed him in detail about everything he had told the police last night. Inasmuch as his boss would listen to him, he advised Tony to tell all, as Paolo had.

“Maybe!” was Tony’s response.”

Paolo wasn’t surprised either to receive a call from the police asking him to come in to a local station to confirm his statement of the previous night.

He was surprised though to receive two calls in succession, one from Marcia, the other from Sofia. They each, separately, asked to meet him later.

Then Livia called.

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Fedeltà #274

Back in his flat, Paolo had showered, reluctantly washing off the memory of the two beautiful sisters from his body. Still needing more sleep, he was nonetheless preoccupied. He had things to do, fast.

First off, he needed to check the contents of his Bitcoin account. Yes!... all there.

Next, disposing of the contents of his freezer. Eyes closed, he removed the bag of frozen fingers and dropped it into a small plastic bag with a shudder. It was strange the last thing he wanted reminding of was those fingers.

He would drop it into a public waste bin later.

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Anyone for toast?

Fedeltà #273

Marcia would have let Tony have more than just a hug, but he was clearly preoccupied, so it was coffee she administered instead.

“Where is Paolo? I need to talk to him.” Tony was back in gear again.

“Went home to change and then heading off to your office. He left a note.”

“A note’s no fucking good!” Tony said angrily. “I need him here now!”

“You could phone him.” At that moment Marcia realised she hated the real Tony and that any freely given offer of intimacy was back off-limits. He would have to make do with toast.

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“Tell all”

Fedeltà #272

Marcia’s advice to Tony was simple.

“God knows Tony, I hate the pigs, but you must tell them all this. You are the victim after all and if you get cute with them they’ll get even more suspicious and they’ll find excuses, as if they needed them, to crawl all over the business!”

“I guess!” grunted Tony. “I’ll see what the lawyer says.”

“You reckon Paolo told them all this last night?” asked Marcia.

“Yeah, so they said, but I wasn’t in the mood to ask him what he’d said last night.”

“I know Tony.” Marcia gave him a hug.

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Fedeltà #271

One of the reasons that Marcia delayed Tony’s visit to the police was that she wanted to speak to him first. She wanted the full story from Tony... it was the least he could do. Then she would get Paolo to give his version to check consistency, and anything Tony didn’t know or hadn’t said... it was the least he could do.

Tony was remarkably open as, despite their usual marital hostilities, he told Marcia everything that had occurred, including his refusal to say anything to the police and the speeding ticket... and most surprisingly, how it had affected him.

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In his own time

Fedeltà #270

At 9am, two police officers arrived at the security gates for the exclusive housing estate. Answering the intercom, Marcia wasn't about to invite them in. They asked for Tony to accompany them to the police station. Indicating that Tony was not available right then, she told the police that he would attend Walthamstow Police Station at Midday with his solicitor.

This didn’t suit the officers, but Marcia didn’t give them any choice in the matter; she just switched off the intercom. She didn’t like police and her whole manner in dealing with them let them know in no uncertain terms.

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Fedeltà #269

Paolo came out of his room fifteen minutes later, having put on the clothes he'd arrived in. The atmosphere was weirdly matter-of-fact in the kitchen. Tony still slept upstairs and Paolo said he needed to go home to change and would take the train and maybe see Tony at his office later if he was going there. To that end he wrote a note for Tony.

Marcia made him another coffee, but in all other respects she was quite cool towards him. He really was confused... and maybe he'd been used, twice!

Paolo needed to get away, fast.

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Fedeltà #268

Maybe the age gap made the difference, but unlike her sister, Marcia had taken it slowly with Paolo. It had been no energetic exercise class of bounce-ups, but rather a slow, measured approach to satisfaction, making it impossible for Paolo to forget. He was mesmerised by her beautiful breasts hanging tantalisingly close to his chest and her freshly showered smell. Marcia had been different to Sofia and the difference was amazing.

When she left Paolo, shaken and certainly stirred, and closed his door, she was straight back to being a mum again. It was as if nothing had happened.

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Marcia’s take

Fedeltà #267

Marcia’s take on the encounter with Paolo was that there weren’t many fit young men around her house and never had been... and sex wasn’t on her menu that often and she knew that Sofia was getting quite a lot... and with her husband Tony too!

Also, Sofia had said Paolo was sweet on Livia and was frustrated, waiting for the gift of her body. Marcia still didn’t like Livia and hated how she was keeping Sofia and her in the dark.

She delighted that she had had Paolo... and at the right time, she would certainly let Livia know!

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Hat trick?

Fedeltà #266

Paolo was on one level confused, but on every other level on cloud nine. Everything had gone better than well. He didn’t understand these two women, but was glad he didn’t have to. He didn’t have to try either for his unexpected bonuses.

And to think that with Livia, he hadn’t passed first base. Like many men, he was ruled by his genitals and right then two birds in the hand were certainly worth more than one in the bush. Livia wasn’t there yet and nothing was certain, but playing his cards right... he might even get a hat trick!

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The Full English

Fedeltà #265

”I’ve brought you breakfast, Paolo. A young man needs to start the day right.”

She turned towards the door as if to leave and, like her sister before her, she turned the lock. She then turned back, flicked her shoulders back and her bathrobe dropped to the floor. She stood, naked, as Paolo took in the view. He knew straight away what would be coming... him.

Marcia, although older than Sofia, had a stunning body too. He lay there, ready, as she approached. “But...” he started.

“But nothing!” said Marcia, climbing aboard.

The women in this house were something else!

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Getting up

Fedeltà #264

Marcia went to the kitchen, got Giovanna down, cleaned her up and put her into the playpen with some toys. Simultaneously, she made a pot of coffee and laid a tray with toast and jam. Still in her bathrobe, she glided through to Paolo’s room, set down the tray as Paolo woke. With one action, she whisked the bedcovers off.

“Time to get up Paolo!” she announced, looking down at him and adding cheekily, “Oh... I see you already are!”

Paolo was embarrassed. He moved to cover himself. This was after all the boss’s wife... the boss, who was upstairs!

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Fedeltà #263

At 6.45am Marcia left Tony’s bed to take over baby duties as Sofia had to leave for work in London by 7.30. Tony hadn’t been interested in sex; he was still exhausted and now sleeping very deeply. It would be several hours before he would wake naturally.

Marcia went downstairs to give Giovanna her breakfast and had a shower while the baby was safely strapped in her highchair. She then heard a noise coming from the downstairs bedroom. She went to investigate and saw Paolo with the bedclothes half covering his naked body. Marcia lingered, admiring what she was seeing.

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Fedeltà #262

Sofia was back in her own bed, having been away a mere ten minutes. It would be another hour or so before the baby would wake and Sofia would bring to her own bed until Marcia was ready. Not really the actions of a mid-night sexual predator.

In his bed downstairs, a very contented Paolo was asleep again. After Sofia left he reflected on the previous ten minutes, almost wondering if he had been dreaming. Then sleep hit him.

In Tony’s bedroom, Marcia was trying to encourage him to do something with her to take his mind off things.

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Early morning exercise

Fedeltà #261

Sofia put her hand over Paolo’s mouth to stop him saying anything. He instinctively kissed it. He continued to lie there on his back.

“Ssshh!” she whispered. Then, like a snake, her left leg slithered over Paolo and, using her hand as girl guide, she sat astride him and slowly exercised herself on him until he exploded. “Ssshh!” she repeated, to keep any noise down. She was sure that if Tony found out, particularly as he was right now, both she and Paolo would be in trouble.

Then she left the room as quickly as she’d arrived, with her milk.

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Taking the salute

Fedeltà #260

At 4.30am, Sofia went off, glass in hand, which she filled with more milk before slipping into Paolo’s bedroom, quietly locking the door, slipping off her nightdress and sliding naked under the bedcovers. She found her quarry and it was still in salute-mode, but this time Paolo stirred enough to realise what was going on.

Fragrances connect the nasal passages to the hardwiring in the brain and transport the recipient to the person, time and occasion when first encountered. Paolo instantly knew that this was Sofia lying next to him encouraging him to do with her what men do.

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Beyond suspicion

Fedeltà #259

Marcia didn’t know what to expect when Tony awoke, but she would let him sleep as long as necessary. She was so calm about being there, planning that even if when he woke he wanted the physical workout that rough, unsophisticated sex might offer, she would go along with it. This was the closest Marcia got to being nice to him in recent years and, surprisingly, she felt quite good about it.

Underneath it all though, she knew that she was dealing with the results of savage revenge... and, given Tony’s recent suspicious looks, she wanted to act beyond suspicion.

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Sympathetic arms

Fedeltà #258

Back in her bedroom, Sofia planned to return to see Paolo before dawn.

Marcia may have been working on the principle of keeping friends close and enemies closer, or she might possibly have felt genuine sympathy for Tony, despite everything that had gone before. But at 3.30am, with Tony still sobbing in his bedroom, Marcia went in, sat on the bed and put her arm round him. He didn’t resist or say anything. She slid under the covers and silently persuaded him to do the same. Then she simply kept her arms round him until eventually he went to sleep.

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Fedeltà #257

Marcia went straight back to her bedroom, while Sofia said she was off to the kitchen for a glass of milk. She thought she had heard someone else arrive back with Tony and was curious. She got her milk and headed off to the spare room to investigate. Opening the door, she saw in the half-light that Paolo was sound asleep.

Putting down the glass, she lifted the bedcovers and slid in beside Paolo. She put her arms round him... and then down, but whilst 'on parade' below, there would be no waking him yet. She would return later.