"Fedeltà" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Early morning rise

Fedeltà #399

Both Paolo and Sofia had very good sleeps, in separate flats. Paolo woke refreshed, but bewildered that he was alone, with no sign of Sofia ever having been there. Part of him was a touch relieved because despite a wonderful climax to ‘games night’, she’d rather unnerved him. Another part of him would have liked an early morning ‘aperitif’.

He called her name, wondering if she was in the bathroom, kitchen or living room of the small flat. No reply. He got up, stretched, scratched himself below...

“Ah well!”

He ambled naked into the living room.

There on the table...

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Je ne regrette q’un peu

Fedeltà #398

Ready to leave, Sofia turned and gave the sleeping Paolo one last wistful look, part admiration, part pity and a tiny, tiny part regret. Her sigh was silent as she turned, checked the two envelopes on his table, quietly switched off the light as she left the bedroom and silently closed the flat door behind her.

It was after midnight, but she had noticed a minicab office a short step down the street, where she sat while waiting for a cab.

Had she been a man, maybe she wouldn’t have entertained any thoughts of regret. But she was a woman.

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Exit strategy

Fedeltà #397

Sofia nimbly scoured the room silently for the playing cards and hoops used in her games. It wasn’t too difficult as she’d carefully planned her exit. As she’d taken off her clothes during their Poker game, she’d been deliberate in the way she carefully smoothed and placed each item on a chair, ostensibly to heighten Paolo’s anticipation - making it last. It may have made it last but it also made them easy to find... and still smart enough to wear.

Dressing silently, she packed her bag and placed two envelopes, one large, one small, each marked ‘Paolo’, on his table.

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Like a light

Fedeltà #396

As Paolo lay there on his back exhausted, Sofia snuggled up to him, skin to skin. His left hand made a half-hearted attempt on Sofia’s inner thigh, which, in that simple and direct way that women have, she moved back on top of him. ‘Time’s up,’ she thought, ‘find your own playmate,’ which he promptly did.

Holding his own wasn’t going to prevent Paolo from drifting off to sleep. Sofia wouldn’t be succumbing here tonight though. She lay patiently until she was certain he was out like a light and then she gently slid out of bed.

Home time.

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Fedeltà #395

Not thinking anything into Sofia’s ‘the last time’ comments other than an encouragement to take it easy and make it last, Paolo managed to restrain himself early on until Sofia beneath him started to respond to her own physical needs, at which point he was unable to temper his need for sexual resolution. He became much more physical, like an autopilot on steroids.

It had exhausted him as he lay beside Sofia. Still naked and now without the physical effort or Paolo’s body to keep her warm, Sofia pulled a sheet over them both.

Later she would pull the rug...

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Fedeltà #394

Sofia delighted in Paolo’s embarrassment. Rather than let him off the hook, she joked.

“What’s happened to your ardour, Paolo? You’ll ‘ave to try ‘arder to get ‘arder, won’t you?” That really wasn’t the way to get Paolo back in the mood. Sofia laughed... then apologised.

“Sorry Paolo. Let me give you a hand... or in fact two.”

Sofia expertly attended to the problem and even had to stop herself over-priming him.

“Now,” she declared, “let’s make this like the last time we’ll ever do this. Take it slowly, let’s make it last. We may never do it again.”

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Limp excuse

Fedeltà #393

Paolo agreed to Tuesday for his date with Marcia. The phone call and Marcia’s last throwaway comment had rattled him. For some reason he felt he needed to explain the call and he started to craft a limp lie about meeting a mate of his, but Sofia quickly closed him down.

“Don’t bullshit me, Paolo. That was no mate. I think it was Livia because you’re sweet on her and she has you dangling on a string.”

Paolo could live with that explanation. But his lie wasn’t the only thing that was limp.

“Now Paolo... what do you call that!

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Tony’s girl

Fedeltà #392

Marcia continued, “I don’t really care who you’re with Paolo, provided you’ve enough left in the tanks for me next week. What day can you come over?”

“Any” was Paolo’s reply.

“Any day you mean?” Marcia was pushing. “Which day? You choose Paolo.”

Paolo wasn’t sure if Sofia had guessed that the caller was a woman and whom she might be. Anyway, he didn’t want her knowing his arrangements.

“Any” he repeated, slightly nervously.

“OK Paolo, I know you’ve someone with you. Let’s say Tuesday at 2pm. Oh, and I hope for your sake that’s not Sofia. She’s Tony’s girl.”

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Nature’s stand-me-down

Fedeltà #391

When someone’s lying on top of you speaking on a phone it’s difficult not to hear the whole conversation. Sofia heard all right and delighted in the squirminess of Paolo’s responses to her sister. This was fun.

So, the little devil was shagging Marcia too. Sofia couldn’t care one jot because if so, for once in her life, Marcia was getting Sofia’s hand-me-downs and not vice versa.

Aware that Sofia might be able to hear, Paolo had no option but to disengage from her as naturally as possible and stand up. Nature helped him by standing him down.

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Something’s up

Fedeltà #390

“Yes, it’s me. Who else did you think it might be?” Paolo decided to go slightly on the attack, although Marcia wasn’t going to let him off easily.

“Do you know who this is then?” replied Marcia, testily.

“Of course I do.” Paolo wasn’t getting the best of the conversation so far.

“Well then... aren’t you going to tell me?”

“Now you’re being a bit silly!” was all Paolo could think of to avoid saying her name. But there was no fooling Marcia.

“You’ve got someone with you haven’t you Paolo? Something’s up, and I think it might be you.”

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Fedeltà #389

Paolo had done his duty by Sofia and was busy staking his own claim to satisfaction when on the table next to the bed his phone rang. Sofia instinctively reached out her left arm to pick up the phone. Instantly realising it wasn’t hers, she passed it to the over-eager Paolo, noticing as it passed her eyes that it was Marcia calling.

‘This could be interesting’ she thought as Paolo, clearly embarrassed, merely answered “Hello” although he knew it was Marcia. ‘What delicious embarrassment.’ thought Sofia, ‘let’s make it last too!’

“Is that you Paolo?” asked Marcia, mildly irritated.

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Making a meal of it

Fedeltà #388

When the ten minutes was up, so was Paolo. He whirled round like a schoolboy leaping up when he’d heard the school bell and Sofia realised that the games were over. There would be no stopping Paolo now, so she didn’t. She did, though, insist upon him satisfying her needs before he attended to his own.

“It’ll get you even more in the mood Paolo, not that you seem to need any encouragement young man!” she added. “Let’s call it your ‘amuse bouche’!

Once Sofia was satisfied with his attentions, she let him know it was his turn. The entrée.

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Cheek to cheek

Fedeltà #387

Sofia quickly broke away.

“I have another game!” she declared. “We stand back to back, bum to bum and we’re allowed to reach behind each other and touch and feel anything we can, provided that our bottoms remain in contact. Eyes closed; no turning round. I’ll set my timer for ten minutes. OK?”

That seemed a much better game to Paolo, particularly after his humiliating deflation. The reality was that it was more difficult for Paolo to touch that much of Sofia’s naked body, but by contrast, her slim fingers were quite able to tease him into arousal once again.

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Fedeltà #386

Paolo was relieved at Sofia’s poor aim. One IOU clawed back. This was silly but he would humour her.

His relief was shattered when Sofia, who had used the first attempt to get her eye in, turned out to have an extremely good aim. One by one, all the remaining nine rings encircled their target. Each ‘click’, as ring after ring collided with the previous, contributed to Sofia’s delight and Paolo's humiliation. Eventually, that humiliation dampened his ardour and the rings clattered to the floor.

Sofia took pity on him and went forward to kiss him, safe for the moment.

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Fedeltà #385

“This is how it works Paolo. I’m giving you the chance to repay some of your IOUs.” Sofia held up the large coloured plastic hoops, gesturing towards his upstanding manhood as she stepped back about six feet. “I have ten rings here. Every time I miss, one of your IOUs will be rescinded. OK? Does that seem a good game?”

It didn’t seem like a good game to Paolo, but what did he have to lose but a bit of dignity and he’d lost that already. He had lots to gain.

The first ring flew low, falling to the floor.

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Exercising restraint

Fedeltà #384

With Sofia finally naked, Paolo took in the view, then moved forward to engage with her. Sofia put up her hand to stop him.

“Steady Paolo! As the song says, let’s make it last. Treat tonight as though it’s the last time we’ll be together.” Sofia figured that it would be. “I’ve got some more games for us to play!”

Paolo’s inclination was not to play any more games but to get on with what his body was visibly waiting for, but he somehow exercised restraint.

Sofia took out ten large plastic rings from her bag, announcing “Let’s play hoopla!”

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Sofia's inventory

Fedeltà #383

Paolo couldn’t really lose this game could he? And the longer it took Sofia to disrobe, the more tantalising the experience. Paolo already liked ‘games night’ and, win or lose... who cared?... he would win!. He wondered what other games Sofia had in her bag. Time would tell.

With Sofia’s skill at Poker and her interpretation of the rules to include necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings, one by one... and stockings and suspender belt also one by one plus her two finale items, her bra and knickers, Paolo was quickly clocking up his IOUs, while simultaneously seriously ramping up his desire.

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Ready prepared

Fedeltà #382

Sofia was well prepared. It might not look like she was wearing much, but if one counted, then it was surprising just how many individual items of clothing and jewellery totted up. She had played this game before, to win!

Paolo, who unlike Sofia was not wearing so many items to wager was quickly stripped naked. Meanwhile, Sofia had hardly removed anything.

“I win,” she announced, “but if you want to see more of me, you might have to give me some IOUs. I can work out what will be an appropriate repayment later when we tot them all up!”

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A better bet

Fedeltà #381

Paolo was in danger of getting, or rather coming, ahead of himself. Sofia pulled away from him. Right now they needed to be separated!

Right!” announced Sofia, “Let’s play cards.”

“I haven’t got any cards...” said Paolo, deflated.

“But I have!” retorted Sofia, pulling out an unopened pack from her bag. Paolo thought how Mary Poppinslike this seemed to be. “Poker’s my game,” she continued.

“But I’m a bit short of cash,” said Paolo, “so let’s not make it for money.

“I’m stony broke too,” replied Sofia. “but who said we were playing for money anyway?”. And then Paolo understood.

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We've got tonight

Fedeltà #380

When so invited, what could Paolo say except “OK... as long as you like,” Fear subsided while anticipation and excitement soared. This should be a night to remember.

Paolo gently kicked the front door shut behind him as Sofia turned round. Holding her phone in her left hand, she put her right arm round Paolo's neck, pulling him towards her. They smooched while the song played. Paolo was quickly aroused by her perfume. Sofia felt the need to slow him down.

’We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow? Let’s make it last, let’s find a way...’

"Last Paolo... make it last!"