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The masked villagers dragged Sgt. Casper to the top of the hill. Clad in only a white gown, he felt the wind chill him to the bone.

At the summit, he saw the formidable figure of Lord Summerisle. He shuddered. He'd heard of his reputation...what he did to vulnerable Christian police officers.

'Come, it is time to keep your appointment...with the Wicker Dwarf.' he said.
'...Come again?' Casper gasped, appalled.
'Erm...the Wicker Dwarf' Summerisle coughed.
'Shouldn't that be Wicker Man?'
'Well yes, but you know...budget cuts...the economy...' Summerisle muttered.
'Very well...' Casper sighed. 'Let's get it over and done with...'

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    LOL, very good, Peter! :-D

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