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Geoff held the tea-towel to the gash on his temple.
Susan kneeled on the lino at the other end of the kitchen, holding her bruised ribs.
Both panted for air, glaring at each other.
‘Why do we do this?’ asked Geoff.
‘You started it’ Susan hissed.
‘Every time it’s the same…let’s just stop’ Geoff said, pleadingly.
Susan considered his words. It was the same every time they rowed. It was time to grow up, stop fighting.
‘I guess’ she replied.
Geoff helped her to her feet. They embraced.
Until the next argument, when they’d do it all over again.

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    Frenchie over 9 years ago

    I actually knew a couple who did that, and you just wonder why. I do think they both loved the drama but a lot could be said about this kind of relationship. Good story by the way :-).

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    Bryan Thomas over 9 years ago

    Sad, but true. Well written, Peter.

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