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Delbert sat down and spooned some of the stew into his mouth, dripping some down his shirt. He swore, and dabbed at it with a tissue. He snorted, amused at the mess he'd already made while he was preparing his dinner. One more stain wouldn't hurt, would it?

He had to admit, this was a gorgeous stew. Apart from one piece of gristle which was too tough for him which he had been forced to spit out, it was five-star.

Looking at the mess on the lounge floor, he sighed. The mutilated bodies could wait until he'd finished eating.

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    Frenchie almost 9 years ago

    Hmmm... all of a sudden, my own dinner has lost its appeal. :-) LOL - good one!

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    K.Z. Morano almost 9 years ago

    deliciously creepy :)

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    Ricky Moore almost 9 years ago

    Is it wrong that i am craving stew right now? haha Nice one mate!

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