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People think it must be amazing living in a Surrealist world. But it's not, it's bloody awful.

Last week I woke up to find myself lying on a piano next to a rotting donkey, being pulled along by two vicars. Someone has also glued a lobster to my telephone, rendering it practically useless.

Drinking didn't exactly ease the suffering; after feeling mildly tipsy, I suddenly found the clock on my lounge clock melting. Not in a hallucinatory way - actually melting - dripping onto my shag-pile rug.

I'll really start to worry when the ants come crawling out of my hand.

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    Peter Muscutt over 5 years ago

    Slight wording mistake here - sentence should read 'found the clock on my lounge WALL melting.' Sorry for the oversight!

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    Bryan Thomas over 5 years ago

    Didn't spoil it for me, Peter - great drabble!

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    Peter Muscutt over 5 years ago

    Thanks very much, always nice to get a positive nod!

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