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After an eternity, the door opens. My breath freezes in my throat. But it's not Mark who answers. It's a woman, who draws her cardigan tighter around her.
'Yes?' she asks, raising her eyebrows.
'Um...sorry, I've got the wrong house' I mutter.
'Hang on - you're Natalie's sister aren't you? Stacy?'
'...Yeah. Natalie asked me to call around...to...ask what Mark wanted for his birthday' I lie.
'Mark's away at the moment love, didn't Natalie say?'
She hadn't.
'I'm sorry...I have to go'
I can feel her eyes on me as I stride down the garden path. I have to find Mark.

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    The smart money is on Goodison Park.

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