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Mrs Warwicker opened the door to her daughter’s bedroom and drew the curtains.
‘Mum!’ came a muffled voice from beneath the covers.
‘Time to get up, young lady’ she said, making her way downstairs.
Maddy Warwicker pulled down the covers and surveyed her bedroom; her kingdom of pink. Teddies covered one corner of her desk, a One Direction poster hung on the far wall. Closing the door, Maddy walked over to the poster, removed it and sat on the bed. She gazed longingly at the large printed portrait of Adolf Hitler underneath, and saluted it with a ‘Sieg Heil’ gesture.

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    Kathy over 4 years ago

    Maddy perhaps doesn't know the true nature of the Swastika? I learned many just learning WWII did not know. Once they learn, they also learn that ol' Mr. Hitler was a tad bit sneaky and smarter than some will ever know.
    This makes one think is Maddy aware or is she just protecting the teddy's!

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    Andre M. Pietroschek about 2 months ago

    Oh, and i thought you a kinda prophet on Doctor Alice Weidel and the new AfD party in Germany? Nah. Kathy is right, a bum snatching power from a government, even over several years, did a lot right, but still he went totally nuts early on, and us Germans were too craven to stop him or prevent the war efforts. Well, and us older ones know family elders who never repented from that course, within nigh every family. Bit like confederates, when seeing the USA only from outside.

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