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It is not certain how or why, but it must be considered that the world in the past was a very different place. Recent archaeological studies conducted in 3015 show that our ancestors on Earth must have been subject to a worldwide dictatorship called McDonald's. Under the leadership of their white-faced, red-haired tyrant, Ronald McDonald, McDonald's spread throughout the globe to conquer the known human race. It was purported on their official government billboards that over 100 billion served McDonald's at their peak, an astounding number. Today, most historians call this once-mighty nation the "Golden Arch Empire."

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    T. Willemann over 7 years ago

    Earlier this evening, as hunger interrupted my studies, I ventured out into the world and found myself one of those golden arch eateries, you speak of, and purchased myself a ‘menu’. The service was dimwitted and slow, the beverage mind-numbingly sweet and the food…, the food was a fat soaked and natriumchlorid coated pile of garbage … I ate all of it, left not even the tiniest morsel, sucked up every drop of liquid sugar, burped my lungs to shreds and felt bloated and dizzy. And you know what? I’m now a believer; an empire will rise; resistance is futile.

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    D.M. over 7 years ago

    and the coffee is really good...

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    John Judge over 7 years ago

    Really enjoyed this. I think it could make a fun alternative history series. I would love to read about The Big Mac Rebellion of 2066 or maybe the 100 Year War of The McNugget Clans. I also hear the Onion Ring Famine of 2749 was a particularly poignant event, eventually leading to the collapse of the Empire.

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    Samantha Grace Bishop over 7 years ago

    All hail the Clown! Even I can't resist their golden french fries...sometimes...

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    Julie over 7 years ago

    Haha! Nice one!

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