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The Analects of BS


I am, I am, I am...hungry. That's all.

I've never read 1984, but what I've heard about it is pretty good. In it, apparently the government is never gets anything wrong, and a big brother is always there for you. If only our world was the same.

Remember: The world is what you make it. That's why I'm a world leader, football hero, and People's Sexiest Man Alive 5 years running.

Be sure to watch out for the dream police. They get inside of your head.

Always keep my teachings secret, 'cause I'll pop a cap in a snitch's ass.

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    Brandon Sutton about 8 years ago

    Since it has been so long since I posted any of these, I just wanted to say again that this is not me, but a character based on the Stephen Colbert/The Colbert Report situation, where Colbert was playing a character that was intentionally crafted to be a parody of what he saw as stupid or ridiculous. This series is not so politically minded, but was based on this idea. Hope you enjoy it as The Analects of BS continues!

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    Elizabeth O. Smith about 8 years ago

    Love this! Gave me a good laugh :D

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    D.M. about 8 years ago

    So much of 1984 has actually happened, it's a good one to use as parody.

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