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The world had been slowly falling to pieces, and supposedly there was one root cause. End that, and the Earth is saved. Winston was elderly, 85 in fact, but he had the key: a device that could reveal the answer to any question with a video. So he asked the question, "What caused the world to be in such a bad state?" He got his answer, gasped, and dropped dead of a heart attack.

His assistant came running when he heard the thump of Winston's body on the floor. He looked at the device and saw a human...the first human.

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    Brandon Sutton over 7 years ago

    Don't forget the cockroaches. They would outlive us all. :) Thanks for the comment!

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    T. Willemann over 7 years ago

    Curiosity, heretofore known only as a killer of nosey felines, diversifies and end the life of an unsuspecting senior citizen…, good drabble!

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